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New works at The Walker…….

…… once I’m feeling better I must go down to The Walker Art Gallery to see these new works that have just gone on display.  I hadn’t visited for years so I wasn’t aware that the now famous ‘Anish Kapoor‘ had done a residency at The Walker in 1981-82.


John Moores revisited…….

… I joined up with 2 fellow OCA students back in September to go round the John Moores 2012.   Barbara and I got to see a large proportion of the paintings and it was so good to be able to discuss all the works with someone else.  After lunch when Patricia met up with us we went to a talk given by George Shaw one of the judges.  It was an interesting talk but I thought that he would have told us more about the process of judging.  Afterwards we went for a coffee and we spent so much time gabbing that there wasn’t time to go back to the exhibition so I went back on Friday 20th October by myself to see the rest.

An online gallery of the works on view can be seen here.  I have to be honest here and say that I wouldn’t go overboard about any of the paintings on display. This one immediately reminded me of a patchwork quilt.  I’d like to have been a fly on the wall when the judging panel where deliberating because I do not understand the thinking behind most contemporary art.

Liverpool Biennial…..

… starts on Friday 15th September until 25th November LB2012_guide

A few fellow OCA Students and I are meeting up on Friday 28th September to go to the John Moores 2012 exhibition at The Walker Art Gallery here in Liverpool.  I usually go to art galleries by myself so it will be so nice to have company to discuss the art works with for a change.

William Etty

I spent a few days at my brothers in York after Christmas and went to an exhibition at York Art Gallery of William Etty.  I like to take my time at exhibitions ……. but my brother and nephew aren’t interested in Art so unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to look at the paintings properly.  If you’ve ever been with anyone like that you will know what I mean – stand in front of painting for one minute or less then on to the next.  We must have seen the 2 rooms in half an hour.

I can see why he was controversial in his lifetime because there was a lot of flesh on display.   william etty art and controversy