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Just watching a fascinating programme on BBC 4 about ‘The Other Pompeii: Life and Death Herculaneum. Early in this module I did research on how Greek and Roman statues would have been coloured and not the plain white marble that we are so used to seeing. When they cleaned the ash from a head of a woman they found the original colours on the hair, eyes and lashes.


Exercise: Draw classical figure sculptures

Eeek!!!! I prefer drawing still life or flowers so I’ll be the first to admit the drawings I’ve done for this exercise in my sketchbook are not very good but hopefully I’ve managed to do enough.

Research Point: Roman Occupation in my area

There is very little evidence that the Romans ever made it to the area that is now known as Liverpool which was little more than a village with no written recorded evidence before 1207.  The Romans had a legionnaire’s base at Chester about 20 miles away, a quarry across the Mersey at Storeton on the Wirral and settlements to the east in present day Wigan and Manchester.

A Romano-British site was excavated at Ochre Brook, Tarbock

There has been some archaeological excavations at Irby on the Wirral  where some pottery shards where found but very few coins and no brooches.

A map of the North West of England can be found here and you can see Liverpool seems to have been bypassed by the Romans.

I may come back to this section at some point if I can find out any more.

Episode 2 – Imperial Stone – The Art of Rome

  • Rome was originally a small cluster of villages on the hills above the marshy River Tivor
  • the heyday of the Roman empire was in the 2nd century AD and spanned as far as Hadrians Wall separating England and Scotland to the Persian Gulf
  • merchants travelled to India and China
  • unified the old cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world and Western Europe
  • from then until now Rome was the single greatest influence on the culture of the West