Liverpool, England

I’ve been studying with the Open College of the Arts for over 8 years now.

When I left school in 1975 unless you where academically minded you weren’t encouraged to stay on at school or even try to go to university so now that OCA have had their Textiles Degree validated I am officially a part time undergraduate.

I need to study the following modules to gain a BA Hons in Textiles

Textiles 1: A Creative Approach Passed 2007

Textiles 1: Exploring Ideas Passed November 2012

Understanding Art 1: Western Art Passed March 2014

Textiles 2: Developing Creative Textiles

Textiles 2: Contemporary Practice

Textiles 3: Your Own Portfolio

Textiles 3: Advanced

My Mum was a tailoress before she married and taught me all that she knew.  I have her to thank for my love of sewing.  I started to make my own clothes when I was about 10 so when I went to secondary school I was way ahead of the rest of the sewing class and found it boring especially when we spent a whole term making a top.

I hope you will join me on my journey.


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