Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Just been watching ‘Treasures of Ancient Egypt’ I caught the end of the first episode last night but I’ll have to watch the rest on iPlayer.

I don’t know why but I have always wanted to visit Egypt but never been able to afford to go so have to make do with watching tv programmes 😦 perhaps it is because the only photo I have of my Grandad, Mum’s Dad is of him when he served with the Royal Army Medical Corps in WWI.

It was fascinating to watch a modern artist using an ancient technique to make a glass fish and nice to see that the art of Limestone carving is still being practised in modern Egypt. He made it look so easy as if he was carving through butter.

I can remember I was in my second year at Secondary school when the Tutankhamen exhibition came to Britain in 1972. I borrowed a book from the school library and when the history teacher saw it we spent the lesson discussing Tutankhamen instead of what we should have been studying, I can’t even remember what it was but the rest has stuck in my mind.


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