A symbol for the present

I didn’t fully understand this exercise at first so I left it until last to give me time to think about it and so that it wouldn’t be out of date by the time it came to submission for assessment.

Firstly I thought about some of the issues facing us in 2013 and one subject has cropped up over and over again something that we Brits are always moaning about – the Weather!!! From droughts in Africa to Tornadoes in the USA and cyclone Haynai that caused such devastation in the Philippines in November and the late spring in Europe to heat waves on the other side of the world in Australia at the same time.

Although we don’t know if it is global warming causing these extremes of weather they should be a cause for concern to everyone.

My idea for this piece would be a large copper panel engraved with a map of the world the sort you see in an atlas to be placed outside so that over the years it would get a patina from the various weather conditions it would have to withstand. The map would also include symbols used on weather maps on tv forecasts to illustrate the differing weather patterns around the world.



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