Copyright issues……..

….. as a student I’d always assumed it was alright to put pictures of paintings I’d found on the internet on my blog as it is for educational purposes but it seems it isn’t. Copyright is such a minefield I don’t know what you can or can’t do. I’ve removed any that I’d used previously and replaced them with a link.

Most of the exercise I have done for the course include annotations of paintings so I have written them in word because my writing can be illegible at times and for assessment I will be printing them and putting them in A4 folders …….. one for the exercises and one for Assignments.


One response to “Copyright issues……..

  1. Do you know about “balowned” images? They are free of copyright. Include the term in your search on Bridgeman Educational and you’ll get fewer images, but at least you can use them.
    I just tried to find the source of this information, but can’t at the moment. I’m pretty sure it was in material from OCA – if not then Bridgeman, because I know it was in relation to OCA work.

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