Edouard Vuillard

My first choice for the Exercise: annotate an interior view was by the artist Edouard Vuillard and as he was new to me I did some research on him.

He was born in France on 11th November 1869 in and died 21st June 1940. He was a painter and printmaker who was associated with the Les Nabis (which is Hebrew for Phrophets) who were a group of Post- Impressionist avante guarde artists on 1890’s France. They were inspired by the synthecism of Paul Gaugin, a term that derives from the French verb synthétiser meaning to combine to form a new, complex product and was used to distinguish themselves from Impressionism. Instead of using a naturalistic approach to colours their approach was symbolic emphasising the flatness of the canvas by painting simple shapes and strong colours which was inspired by the Japanese woodcuts that were popular at the time.

He painted mostly interiors, streets and gardens in soft, blurred colours often using very intricate patterns. He never married and lived with his mother who was a dressmaker until she died when he was 60.

This painting is in the collection of the Walker here in Liverpool. I must look for it next time I go as I don’t remember seeing it.


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