Visit a Cast gallery

Unfortunately I couldn’t travel to either of the Cast galleries mentioned in the course material but luckily the Walker Art Gallery here in Liverpool has a small collection of plaster casts of the Elgin and Bassae Marbles presented to the Liverpool Royal Institution by George VI and John Foster in 1820/21.  They are displayed on a upper wall of the sculpture gallery but I managed to get some reasonable photographs of them.

038 036 037 035 018 014 017The casts appear very crisp but as I’ve never seen the originals I can’t compare them.  It would be interesting to know how the casts were made so I again looked online and found this brief explanation on the British Museum website.

On the Cambridge University online resource of their cast gallery I noticed they had a cast of a sculpture of Apollo that is in the Louvre which is similar to the Roman copy in World Museum Liverpool that I draw in an earlier exercise.



While looking online I found the website for the Cast gallery of the Ashmolean Oxford and this site for a cast gallery of the University of Missouri in the US.

UPDATE 19th November  –  just discovered the V & A has a Cast court I can see I am going to have to save up for a week long trip to London.


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