The Reith Lectures 2013

Grayson Perry is to deliver this year’s Reith lectures on BBC Radio 4.

The BBC said Perry will also examine the words and language that have developed around art critique, including what the artist sees as people’s growing need to “over-intellectualise their responses” to art.

I’m looking forward to hearing what he says about “over-intellectualise their responses”.  Sometimes it goes right over my headwhen they use such big words. My Mum would have said they had dictionary pie for lunch 🙂

According to the Mail online his choice has caused some raised eyebrows but as the Telegraph points out

John Reith, the BBC’s first director-general, maintained that broadcasting should be a public service that enriches the nation’s intellectual and cultural life.

so why shouldn’t Grayson Perry give a lecture.  I notice he will be giving one of the lectures at St George’s Hall here in Liverpool so I’ve signed up for a newsletter so I will know when tickets are available as I’d like to go if possible.


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