The Monuments Men

Of course I knew about all the art treasures that had been looted in Europe during World War II but I’d never heard of the Monuments Men until I read this post on Art HistoryNews.

The Monuments Men and Women who came from 13 different nations and had volunteered to serve in the newly created Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives section to save as much of the culture of Europe as possible. Most of them where experienced museum directors, curators, art scholars, artists, architects and archivists. There is a list here of the 345 men and women who tracked, located and returned more than 5 million pieces of artistic and cultural art to their rightful owners.

A film starring George Clooney based on the book by Robert M. Edsel opens in cinemas.

later this year.

As this is an American film I suppose like many others in the past it will look as if they single handed saved all the art treasures.

UPDATE 11th February

The critics don’t think much of the film. Guardian review

Really it is a story that should be told on tv as an art history programme. The One Show on BBC 1 had an interview with the last remaining British‘Monuments Man’ who is a woman.


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