How do you get your work……

…… into the RA Summer Exhibition?  It was only a few years ago when the BBC first went behind the scenes that I realised anyone could submit a piece of art.  For some reason I had always thought it was only for professional artists.

It is the largest open art exhibition in the world and as many as 10,000+ entries have to be judged and whittled down to less than 1,000 so the chances of being chosen are pretty slim your work has to really stand out.

I would like to have a go but it could be expensive .  First you have to pay an entry fee, currently £25 each for up to 2 art works, then you have to get them to London either by and transport agent or take them yourself which in my case would involve an overnight stay and finally if your work isn’t accepted you have to get it back.

I know the Arts are facing cuts and not everyone thinks they are important compared with schools, hospitals and policing, perhaps it is time that something similar was organised in some of the larger art galleries in the provinces of the UK.


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