Reflections on Part Three

I enjoyed this part more than I thought I would. As I’ve already mentioned I didn’t like or understand Modern Art, but after studying the different Art Movements of the 20th century I have changed my mind about some but not all of it.  I’m still of the opinion that some of it is a case of the ‘experts’ telling us that it is art so it must be.

Surprisingly as well as Cubism I’m interested in some abstract art now.  I’m not saying that I appreciate or like all the work by all the artists who practice it but perhaps it is because I am studying Textiles that I am drawn to the works of artists that use colour and texture in their art.

A course like this couldn’t hope to cover over a thousand years of art in detail but it has given me an insight in to how art has changed over the centuries.

I had already learnt a little about the different genres of art when I studied with the OU,  I’m looking forward to studying them in more depth and already learnt some interesting things about Still Life.


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