How to paint Abstract Art?

I’m still confused by Abstract Art.  To me it either looks like a load of paint just thrown on to a canvas which in some cases it is ….. but others are more considered with shapes and colours where I suppose the artist has taken their time placing the paint on to the canvas.

I thought I would have a go at my own abstract art to see if it helped.

I used acrylics on a piece of watercolour paper 14 x 20 inches applied with an old credit card for this:-

Abstract Acrylic

Next I tried using oils on a 12 x 16 inch canvas using a palette knife:-

Abstract Oil

I’m pleased with both paintings but I prefer using the oils, you can blend the colours better .

I thought that I was just putting the colours on to the canvas in a pleasing pattern of colours but have I inadvertently painted an abstract impression of ‘reflections’ in oils :).


2 responses to “How to paint Abstract Art?

  1. Hello Susan, I thought this was a really intriguing thing to do – to try out your own abstract! And, as you say it really looks like reflections on water (the oil version) – quite Monet like in an abstract sort of way. Maybe one day you will be able to sell it for millions. I too struggle to get abstract art although I admit after doing the course I’ve sort of found some of it more interesting especially when you know what the artist was trying to do!

  2. Hi Jane Thanks for leaving a comment. I still struggle with a lot of modern art as well. I thought it was an age thing but the more I read and look at it the more I’m inclined to the view that some of it is just plain weird.

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