Art and Tragedy

Today is the 24th Anniversary of that fateful day when so many Liverpool Fans went to watch their football team play in the FA Cup semi final at Hillsborough, Sheffield.

My brother is a red hot Liverpool fan and has been since he was about 7 or 8 so he was there that day. I still can’t think of it without tears in my eyes. I hadn’t been listening to the match on Radio Merseyside I get too nervous if it is a big game so I was spared a few hours of the tragedy. I only found out what was happening when I put the TV on to get the result and of course BBC TV was full of it. At first I didn’t realise where it was until I saw a Liverpool scarf lying on the pitch and then I went cold. Mum and I where worried sick not knowing if Ste was alright and we had to wait until 8pm that night until he managed to leave a message with a neighbour (before mobile phones) that he was OK and on his way back to Liverpool.  Ste returned home safely to his family but 96 did not.  At long last the families are nearing the end of their long journey to find out the Truth.

Yesterday a memorial by the Liverpool sculptor Tom Murphy was unveiled

Hillsborough Monument(c) Tom Murphy and Liverpool Echo

There is a video here with Tom showing how he created the sculpture.


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