Visit an artist’s studio

As part of this module I’m supposed to make a visit to an artist’s studio.  At this moment in time there aren’t any open days here in Liverpool so for now I’ve found some interesting videos on YouTube and if/when I get the chance to visit a studio I’ll write it up.

This first one shows the Fine Art studios at Coventry School of Art and Design, they don’t have a lot of space to work in so they have to keep it tidy 🙂

I would love to spend a day or three going around Zandra Rhodes workrooms

I found these on TateShots  (what a great resource,I could spend hours watching) some of the artists I’m familiar with but some I will have to do some research on but it’s interesting to see how they all work in their chosen medium.

Grayson Perry – Potter, I’m surprised at how small the space he works in it seems like organized chaos but he probably knows where everything is 🙂

Antony Gormely – Sculptor, obviously he needs a large open studio to work in given the size of some of his sculptures.

Peter Randall-Page – Sculptor

Fiona Rae – Painter

Callum Innes

I enjoyed the short series on BBC4 recently ‘What do Artists do all day?‘ which revealed a day in the life of Norman Ackroyd, Polly Morgan and Jack Vettriano.  I hope that they make more because it was so interesting to see the work spaces of famous artists.  The one thing I was surprised by was that they all had their studios in their homes, not a separate place that they had to go to which I thought they would have.  They must keep to a strict schedule otherwise it would be so easy to put off doing any work.  I have a room in my house that I use for my textile/art work so I know how easy it is to do that.


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