Reflections on Part Two

Even though I’ve not been too well while doing this part of UWA I have enjoyed it, perhaps because I’ve settled in to this type of studying now, it is more cerebral than practical as in my previous Module Textiles but by the time I get to level three fingers crossed I should be a dab hand at it :).  I’m starting to find the annotations and analyzing of painting a lot easier as I’ve progressed as well and I’m even starting to use some longer words in my writing 🙂 thank goodness for a combined dictionary thesaurus.

I’ve also noticed that I am appreciating some art works more than I would have done at one time, when I would have dismissed them because I didn’t like them.  Although saying that the next part of the module is Modern Art and I’m sorry but at the moment I don’t understand a lot of it perhaps once I’ve done some research I may change my mind, but there again I may still think that most of it is baffling and hard to understand.


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