I don’t bother with newspapers so miss any arts news most of the time so when a Textile tutor posted an article from The Guardian on the OCA student forum about “International Art English” I checked it out.   I hate it when some “experts” in tv programmes waffle on and at the end I am none the wiser, why can’t they just use plain English or are they trying to make out that they are more educated than anyone else. My Mum would have said they must have eaten dictionary pie for their dinner when they use some long words.

I’ll be the first to admit my formal education finished when I was 16 so didn’t go beyond O’level 🙂 showing my age there and I was never any good at writing so I find that part of studying towards a degree very hard.  I can’t always put into words what I want to say so I sometimes wonder if my writing style is too simplistic for higher education.  I hope that with practice that it will get easier.


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