Antiques Roadshow

I’ve been a fan of BBC’s Antiques Roadshow for years, I used to watch with my Mum trying to see if we could guess how much something was worth. We always said if something was ugly and worth a lot we would sell it but we would have to be desperate for money if it was something beautiful. On Sunday a lady brought in a piece of furniture designed by ‘Francis Bacon’ worth £10-15,000

Bacon stool

and another lady brought a print by ‘Durer’ worth £20,000

Durer print

and illustrated my thoughts exactly. I’m not saying it is ugly but I was underwhelmed so I’d sell the Bacon but keep the Durer if I could afford the insurance on it.

UPDATE 28th December on tonight’s programme they had the latest on some of the items from previous shows including the Durer. The lady had sound it for £19,000 and it is now on display in a museum on the other side of the world – New Zealand.


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