Assignment 1

WOW I have just emailed my 1st Assignment to my tutor and for once I was on time.  I’m so glad I chose to take Understanding Western Art as my 3rd level One Module towards a degree in Textiles.  There is a lot to cover and take in but I’ve learnt so much already.  When I have the time I will go back to look at some parts in more depth as obviously you can’t cover everything in detail.

Each time I go into Liverpool city centre instead of looking down I’ve started looking up at the buildings with more interest and finding examples of how in the 19th century classical elements where used in the many new buildings being built including:

The Walker Art Gallery

(c) Susan Devonport

Central Library

(c) Susan Devonport

World Museum Liverpool

(c) Susan Devonport

and now I can put names to the columns and parts of the building.

Now it is on to Part Two From the High Renaissance to Post Impressionism.


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