Romanesque and/or Medieval Gothic Buildings in Britain

Do some research on Romanesque and/or medieval Gothic buildings in Britain.  make some sketches to show the various ways in which the semi-circular and pointed arch, respectively, were employed in the architecture of these buildings.


Literally ‘Roman-like’. A style of art and architecture, and a period of culture, from around 800AD to c.1200, that looked to Roman art and architecture, attempted to copy it, but created its own rich forms instead. It is usually associated with the rounded arch and many columns in buildings. Geometrical patterns were used a great deal in art and architecture, along with exaggerated natural forms. Norman architecture was Romanesque in style.


A style of art and architecture, and also a period of culture, usually associated with the Middle Ages, from c. 1150-1500. Gothic was essentially a northern European style. Many people think of the pointed arch as the essential of Gothic style. Decoration is often based on nature – can be very realistic, or can be grotesque.


The sketches I’ve done for this research is in my sketchbook but I found these videos which I’ve put here for future reference.

I’ve got this on video from earlier this year but I thought I’d put it on here so I know where it is.


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