Episode 3 – A White Garment of Churches

  • Rome was conquered by the Barbarians – the lands of Western Europe where over run by pagan tribes in the dark ages.
  • Converted to the new faith of Christianity the former Barbarians were the heirs of Rome and became the founders of modern Europe.
  • 1tth and 12th century – Romanesque revival of art and architecture, pilgrimage and the Monastic movement moulded Romanesque Art.
  • money made by Pilgrimage paid for construction of the Romanesque pilgrim churches.
  • exchange of ideas, goods and money
  • Romanesque began as a derogatory term.
  • 4th c needed places to worship in, the Basillica became the standard form for architects in the west.
  • gradually transformed the Roman form by adding a transept making it into a symbolic cross shape.
  • West end – towers where added breaking the horizontal with vertical forms.
  • East end – retained the Roman apse but made choirs more sophisticated with radiating chapels.

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