Fake or Fortune series 2

I’ve been watching this interesting BBC 1 series on Sunday nights. The first one was about a Degas, the second about 3 Turners that had been donated by Gwendoline Davies to the National Museum of Wales and last nights was following expert Philip Mould’s feeling that a painting he had bought for £7,000 was a sleeper and was a painting by ‘Van Dyk’.

(c) Philip Mould & Company

Image of Before 'n After

(c) Philip Mould & Company

It was fascinating to watch as it was slowly restored. First by removing the old varnish then after an x-ray revealed a painting underneath, the top layer of paint was painstakingly removed to reveal the original painting of Charles 1 wife Henrietta Maria. The restorers must have nerves of steel. I was holding my breath as Dr Christopher Brown the Van Dyk expert gave his opinion that yes it was from the studio of Van Dyk and that although the dress was not by him and until he had done more research he was happy to say the head was ‘attributed to Van Dyk’.

While looking on the internet to find out more about this programme I found this website ‘Art History News‘ written by Bendor Grosvenor who works for Philip Mould Ltd. There are some interesting posts on it that I’m going to read when I have time.


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