Talk: From Messinia to the Mersey

I know one of the visits I will have to make during this course is to a ‘cast gallery’ and I was wondering if I would have to travel far to find one.  I’d always assumed the sculptures at the Walker Art gallery where originals but it appears they are casts. I’m going to a talk next Wednesday so it should be useful.

From Messinia to the Mersey – classical Greek sculpture in the Walker Art Gallery

This lecture will provide details on some of Walker’s casts of sculptures from the Classical temples of the Parthenon in Athens and Bassai in Arcadia. The focus is on what they represent and how they were created, whilst placing them in their full social, cultural and political context in the ancient Greek world.

In partnership with the University of Liverpool.

UPDATE: Most of the sculptures are 19th c copies in marble but some are plaster casts and around the top of the walls are plaster casters of a few of the Elgin Marbles and Bassai sculptures also done in the 19th c.


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